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Leica 72

The Leica 72 is the only Leica whose image size is 18x24mm, giving you 72 frames on a 36 exposure roll of film, hence the name "72". The camera is based on a IIIA body, the film gate , counter, viewfinder and wind mechanism having been modified. Flash synchronization from the IIIF was also added. It is engraved 18x24 on the top of the rangefinder cover just above the serial number.

This camera was produced in extremely small quantities. One source lists 150 units assembled in Canada, 33 in Germany. There are reports of a 72 based on a IIIC, but it may be a prototype.

The Leica 72, made in Canada.

A most unusual Leica 72, based on the model IIIg. Although it is marked made in Germany, this serial number falls in a batch of 200 cameras built in Canada. E. Leitz Canada has a reputation for experimentation that their German counterparts lacked. The camera is very well finished, including a half frame brightline in the viewfinder.