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Konishiroku Konica IIIM

In 1959 Konshiroku added to the popular Konica line of rangefinder cameras with the Konica IIIM. It was the most feature-filled of the series, with an unusual built in selenium meter cell that hinged down to cover the finder windows, a single frame mask allowing you to shoot in the 18X24mm "half frame" format, and a fast 50/1.8 Hexanon lens. It retains the plunger arm film advance found on the rest of the Konica III series.

Over time the meter has proven to be the weak point. Often the meter is not functioning, and it is not uncommon to find it cracked, or in some cases missing. Another fault is the half frame mask. Like many manufacturers, they failed to provide a convenient place to store the mask when it is not in use, and as a result most cameras are missing their masks. 

The half frame mask