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Kodak Master Camera 8X10

The Kodak Master Camera 8x10 is a well made field camera, of all metal construction, mostly cast aluminum. Handsomely finished in tan and brown, with dark brown bellows and brass hardware. Bellows draw is from 2-28 inches with the original bellows, but the camera is capable of racking out to 36 inches if you repalce the bellows.

Front Rise is four inches, front fall is two and a quarter inches. Front shift is two and a quarter inches each direction. The front base will tilt ninety degrees forward, with no tilt back. There is also a front axis tilt, which is only limited by the bellows. Front swing is twenty degrees (although the limiting screw is easily removed).

Rear base tilt is ninety degrees forward and twenty degrees back. The rear swing is twelve degrees each direction.

The Kodak Master Camera 8X10.

The camera with the standard 8X10 back.

The camera with the 5X7 reducing back.

The 5X7 reducing back.

An undrilled lens board with the original box.