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Kodak Pocket Kodak

Pocket Kodak 1895 model

Pocket Kodak 1896 model

First produced in 1895, these tiny wood box cameras were made for the amateur market. Historically significant for their popularity and boost to retail sales, they also made use of aluminum for the first time in camera construction (inside structures). The first models had sector shutters mounted on removable boards, round viewfinder windows, and as shown, some 1895 versions were finished in red leather instead of the more tradition brownish-black. After 1895, there were no red versions, the viewfinders were square, and permanently mounted rotary shutters were used. All models could use a tiny plate holder instead of roll film, but these are almost never found. The Pocket Kodaks were only made for five years, but were very popular. Few remain.

Text and photos courtesy of Milan Zahorcak.