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Kodak Mickey Mouse Target Six-20 & Target Six-16

The Mickey Mouse camera has an unusual history in the collecting community. This camera was unknown prior to 1995, when they started turning up in the antique market. The first one was sold for $6000 as it was believed to be a prototype. More of them have surfaced, and prices have dropped. The style of the Mickey figure and company name is a pre-war design, yet the camera is post-war. Neither Kodak or Disney has any record of this project. So the provenance of these cameras is very suspect.

Some of the cameras have been assembled by adding the faceplates to Target cameras. This can be determined by construction details of the bodies. It is conjecture that remnants of this project were discovered in the early 1990s, including some finished cameras, and some nameplates. And that some cardboard boxes were printed.

The larger Six-16 cameras are less common than the Six-20 version.

If you have either version that did not come from a source claiming it was rare, I would be very interested to hear about it.

The Six-20 version with the box

The Six-16 version

The box for the Six-20 version.