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35/3.5 W.Honor


In spite of the fact that many Japanese camera companies carried the word "Optical" in their name, few actually produced optics. There were a number of optical firms that sold lenses (and probably rangefinder optics) to a number of smaller, and even not so small companies. Zuiho was not among the companies that did produce optics. The normal lenses that carried their name were reputed to have been made by Konica.

They also marketed a 35mm lens, which I have not been able to find any reference to. I know it exists because it sits here on the desk in front of me, and I've had it for a long time. It appears to be a lens likely made by Komura. I have seen scores of nearly identically styled 35/3.5 lenses marked as Komura, Acall and Tanar. The serial number is K. No. 10093, and is complete with a matching finder. I don't know of any other lenses marked Honor, but would not be surprised to find a similar 135/3.5 as everybody sold them as well.