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Fuji Shashin Film K.K. (Fujica)

Fuji was founded in 1934 as Fuji Shashin Film K.K. By Dai-Nippon Celluloid K.K. To produce photographica film in Japan. They were the first Japanese film manufacturing company. Named for Mout Fuji, the name was already taken by another concern, so the rights to the name were purchased for 8ooo Yen.

During the 1940's they began producing optical glass for the Japanese military. In 1944 Fuji Shashin Koki K.K. was founded as a subsidiary to produce lenses, although it was reaborbed by Fuji Shashin Film K.K. In 1945.

Camera production began in 1948 with a folding camera, the Fujica Six. Many of the Fuji cameras carry the name Fujica, which is derived from Fuji and Camera.

Fuji Lenses for Rangefinders