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Varilux Meter Attachment for Exakta

The Varilux is a very unusual accessory that allows for through the lens metering with close-up equipment. It mounts onto the camera like a lens, and then bellows, extension tubes or lenses may be mounted onto it as if it were a camera. It can only be used for close-up work because the lens is left too far away to focus to infinity.

The Varilux has an internal slide which lowers a meter cell in between the lens and the film. It had to be connected to an external meter by the terminals on the front towards the top. This is a very uncommon accessory. Some versions are not marked Varilux, and there may be different types of meter cells used. 

The Varilux with the cell raised in the shooting position.

The Varilux with the cell lowered to the metering position.

The Varilux mounted between a camera and bellows in a typical macro setup.