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Waist Level Finders for Exakta

With the introduction of the Exakta V in 1950, the waist level finder became an accessory rather than a necessity. From the beginning they had a lever that withdrew from the body as the finder was opened. This lever protected against accidental exposure when the waist level finder was closed. This was dropped in 1954.

Version 1

Constructed the same as the finder on the Exakta Varex, except that it was removable. Marked "Ihagee Dresden" on the front in the lower black portion, and "Varex" on the back. Was only sold outside the US.

Version 2

Same as the version 1, but marked "Ihagee" in script on the back, as the Varex trademark was not available for their use in the US. 

Version 3

Like the version 2, but without the shutter defeat bar.

Version 4

Like the version 3, but is no longer marked "Ihagee Dresden" on the front.

Version 5

Theis finder was restyled to match the new look of the VXIIa of 1961. The top is leather covered, and the release is a round metal button. The front is marked "Ihagee Dresden".

Version 6

The final version is the same as the version 5, except the release is a long black button.

Jubalee Finder

In 1961 Ihagee released a special prism finder and waist level finder to commemorate 25 years of Exakta production. It was like the version 5, but the center leather panel was replaced with a striped enamel design.

Rheinmetall Finder

Like the version 3 finder, but is marked "Rheinmetall Sommerda Germany" on the front, and "Rheinmetall " on the back. For the Exa Rheinmetall.