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Prism Finders for Exakta

Carl Zeiss marketed a prism finder which fit into the waist level finder of the Exakta in 1949. In 1950 Ihagee introduced the Exakta V with a removable finder, with the option of a prism.

Version 1

All chrome finish top, marked "Varex" over the eyepiece and "Ihagee Dresden" on the front, which was concealed when mounted on the camera. Marked "Germany" on the front in the black. This was marketed only in the areas where the Varex was sold.

Version 2

Same as the version 1, but marked "Ihagee" in script on the back, as the Varex trademark was not available for their use in the US. Also marked with "VX", "Germany" and a serial number in the black part of the front.

Version 3

Like the version 2, but with two leather inserts on the top. Serial numbered.

Version 4

The engraving was changed on the Exakta to raised lettering, and this version has the name "Ihagee" in raised lettering to match. Some were serial numbered, some were not. Some of the serial numbered examples are not marked "Germany". The "VX" has been dropped.

Version 5

The prism was restyled to match the new look of the VXIIa of 1961. The peak was replaced with a ridge. The top is leather covered, broken up into three sections. The front is marked "Ihagee Dresden", and has been found with and without serial numbers.

Version 6

The final version has the top covered with on large piece of leather. Some are marked "Ihagee Dresden", some are not.

Jubalee Prism

In 1961 Ihagee released a special prism finder and waist level finder to commemorate 25 years of Exakta production. It was like the version 5, but the center leather panel was replaced with a striped enamel design.

Sterling Prism

An aftermarket prism was offered by Sterling, which is similar in design to the versions 1 and 2. The finish is not as good as the Ihagee models.