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Metered and Chimney Finders for Exakta

Ihagee Cell-Prism

The first metered prism for the Exakta was built by Ihagee. It is not a TTL design, but uses a selenium cell which reads from a window opening on the front. A slotted cover reduces the light reaching the cell for bright daylight readings. The cover swings up for readings in subdued light. Next to the selenium cell is a finder which covers the 50mm field of view. It was released in 1958.

Travemat Cell-Prism

Schacht had been making lenses in Exakta mount, and introduced the first TTL prism finder for the Exakta in 1966. It is a CdS meter, powered by a PX625 (or PX13) battery, mounted in the side. Initially the ASA dial went from 6to 400, it was later extended to 800. 

Examat Cell-Prism

The Examat was similar to the Travemat, only a bit more sleek looking, and with a better exposure range. The ASA ranged from 6 to 1600. It was built by Harwix and introduced in 1967.

Magnifying Unit

One of the more odd finders, it is a chimney finder with a removable magnifier. What is odd is that the finder bayonets on with a standard Exakta lens mount, allowing any Exakta mount lens to be attached. This sometimes results in the odd Exakta, with this finder mounted, falls into the hands of someone unfamiliar with cameras who discovers that two lenses may be attached to the camera at once, and mounts a totally inappropriate lens to the top.