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Bellows for Exakta

Ihagee bellows are not that common, at least not in the US. Most bellows you find in Exakta outfits are aftermarket, from Novoflex, Kopil and many others.

Macro Focusing Bellows 125

The standard Ihagee bellows, they are very well made, with an octagonal bellows. Oddly enough, they lack a knob driven focus.

Bellows Device

A very well made bellows that was the center of the Vielzweck or the Universal Unit. They are of a longer draw than the Macro Focusing Bellows 125, and both the front and back standards can be moved on the rail. The front standard has a knob drive for ease of fine movement. The tripod mount also moves on the rail, allowing you keep the center of gravity over the tripod, and allowing you to move the entire setup without refocusing.