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Ihagee Exakta 66 (Postwar)

The post-war Exakta 66 was a very elegant design with almost nothing in common with the earlier 6 x 6cm model, nor the 35mm Exaktas. The film travels vertically, rather than horizontally as in all other Exakta designs. The back removes for film loading, and is almost like a film magazine. The film is advanced, and the shutter wound by a key on the side if the camera. The reflex mirror is split, the bottom half dropping down, the top half swinging up in the conventional manner. This requires less clearance, and allows some wide angle designs to be used. The shutter speeds run from 1/1000 to 12 seconds on two speed dials. The waist level finder is removable, but a prism was never marketed.

Although this was a well designed and well built camera, it didn't fare well in the marketplace. It was introduced in 1950, and serial numbers run from 600,000 to 602,700.