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Ernemann Tropical Klapp 9 x 12 cm 1922 version

This is the tropical version of the Ernemann Klapp camera. Like most tropical cameras, it is made of teak which is more resistant to swelling from moisture. Instead of the normal leather covering, it is finished with a thick clear finish over the wooden body. Most of the metalwork is gilt brass instead of painted. The bellows and the leather on the ground glass back is reddish brown.

This early version can be identified by the lack of a metal plate under the control knobs for the shutter.

Note the two tone bellows, and the quick release on one end of the strap for easy access to the tripod screw underneath.

The lens panel shifted to the extreme movement on both rise/fall and shift.

The camera in it's collapsed state.

A look at the rear focusing panel, covered in reddish brown leather.

A closer look at the folding finder.