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Canon Rangefinder Identification Guide

Canon L Series

The Canon L-series of cameras were budget versions of the V series cameras. They all were lever wind, and did not have self timers. All models were identified on the baseplate.

The L2 was actually the first produced in this series. It was the first lever wind Canon. Produced from Dec. 1956 thru May of 1957 for 7350 units. It had a top speed of 1/500.

In Feb of 1957 Canon introduced the L1, which is an L2 with a top speed of 1/1000. Production ended in Dec. 1957 after 7975 were built.

In late 1957 Canon introduced a budget version of the already budget version L2, the L3. The L3 was the last Canon without flash synch, and the last of the L-series to end production after 12,975 were built in Dec 1958.