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600/5.6 Canon

The 600/5.6 Canon was introduced in August 1958. It focuses by means of a bellows and the Canon Mirror Box(1). It appears that less than 365 of them were produced, and it was discontinued in December 1960.

It was replaced by the second version in January of the following year. Estentially the second version is the same as the 600/5.6 Canon R lens, except for a different intermediate tube. It focuses using the Bellows R and the Mirror Box 2. Known serial numbers suggest a total of about 500 units produced. It was discontinued with the rest of the rangefinder system in 1970.

The 600/5.6 Canon mounted on a Canon 7 with the Mirror Box.

A close-up showing how the camera and Mirror Box fit into the case.

The camera, Mirror Box and lens, showing the mount.

The label on the case.

Photos courtesy of Don Zeitz.