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Seiki Kogaku Canon S-I

Tokyo was bombed heavily towards the end of World war II. After the end of the war raw materials were scarce, transportation was difficult, personnel were scattered, and the infrastructure was in chaos. It was under these circumstance that Seiki Kogaku resumed production in October of 1945. Their first product was a continuation of the Canon S camera they made before the war, which they named the Canon S-I .

It is identical in design to the pre-war version, although the body covering is often inferior, similar to that of the J-II. Records exist showing only 97 were produced, and as cameras were not assembled in strict serial number order it can be impossible to tell if a camera is an S or S-I without a production list.

Lenses fitted were likely whatever they could get their hands on. The were provided with 50/2 Regno-Nikkors, 50/2.8 Nikkors, 50/3.5 Nikkors and 50/4.5 Nikkors. The example photographed below, which is a very late example, was fitted with a 50/3.5 Nikkor with a black face. Normally this lens is only found on early Hansa Canons. This camera was purchased from the original owner who was stationed in Japan after the war, so it is likely that this is the way it was originally sold!