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Canon FX

Canon introduced their new FL lenses and the FX together in 1964. It replaced the Canonflex RM as their sole SLR offering. Features wise, it was very similar to the RM, except that the meter was a CdS type, rather than the selenium type used in the RM. It was not a through the lens metering system, even though Topcon and Nikon already had such systems on the market. Nor was it coupled to the aperture setting on the lens, as both the Nikon and Topcon were. The meter readout was on the top of the camera, and was no more convenient than that of the RM.

Styling wise, the FX was the beginning of a long line of cameras bearing a cosmetic resemblance that would continue until the A series was introduced in 1976. The layout is what we've come to think of as conventional, with top lever wind, top mounted shutter speed dial, accessory shoe on the top of the prism, and the rewind release as a button on the bottom. The FX lacks the ability to open and close the bulk film cassettes used by the Canonflex and rangefinder cameras. The FX was primarily available in chrome finish (although it has been found finished in black paint), and can be found marked "Canon" or "Bell & Howell/Canon". In spite of the drawbacks of it's metering system, it was a well made camera. It was discontinued in 1969.

The Canon FX in chrome, with 50/1.8 Canon FL and original box.

The Canon FX black body, which is difficult to find.

The Canon FX marked Bell & Howell/Canon, with 50/1.4 Canon FL.

List Prices, August 1970

Canon FX with 50/1.8 lens . . . $179.95
Canon FX with 50/1.4 lens . . . $229.95
Canon FX with 50/1.2 lens . . . $268.95
Canon FX body only . . . $103.95