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Canon FP

The Canon FP was added to their line-up in September 1964, six months after the Canon FX. The FP was a budget version of the FX, basically the same camera minus the built in meter. As the meter in the FX was not terribly convenient, it was not much of a loss. A clip on meter was available as an accessory, very much like the ones offered by Asahi for their Pentax, and by Konica for their FP and FS.

The only other real difference was the manner in which the back door was unlocked. On the FP a key is turned on the baseplate, releasing the door. On the FX the door is opened by pressing a release button, and while keeping it depressed, you slide the switch that opens the door. It is more cumbersome than the FX design, and had to be more costly, especially when you consider the lack of shared parts. It may have been that Canon (or Bell & Howell, their US distributor) felt their needed to be more difference between the two models to justify the difference in price.

The FP was only available in chrome finish, and can be found marked "Canon" or "Bell & Howell/Canon". It was discontinued in 1966.

The Canon FP, with 50/1.4 Canon FL, with Bell & Howell/Canon badging .

The Canon FP, with 50/1.4 Canon FL, with the clip on meter mounted.