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50/3.5 Canon FL Macro

Nikon first created a lens designed for macro work during the rnagefinder era, and introduced one for their reflex camera in 1961. Canon answered with their own macro lens in 1965. In some ways, it was an improvement over the current Nikon offering, and more closely resembled what Nikon brought out in 1966. It was sa 50mm lens with a long focusing helical that would focus to half life size. It was provided with a matching extension tube that allowed it to focus 1:1. With the tube, the lens was mounted with the normal focusing scale on the bottom, and a scale on the front tube was used instead showing the adjusted focusing distances and reproduction ratios.


 June 1965

Filter Size



4 Elements in 3 Groups

Cap Size


Angle of View

46 Degrees



Minimum Aperture






List Price, May 1971


The 50/3.5 Canon FL Macro, with case, matched extension tube and box.

The lens mounted on a black Pellix QL.

With the extension tube mounted.

The rear of the lens.

The matched extension tube.

The tube in the compartment in the lid of the case.

The special case.

And of course, the box.