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100-200/5.6 Canon FL

The 100-200/5 Canon FL was the least sexy of the three FL zooms, but the became the most common as it was the most affordable, and in many ways the most practical. It was only a 2x zoom, but at the far end of the hand holdable focal lengths, the most useful in many situations for framing. At f5.6, it wasn't a great lens for use indoors, but most shots using a 100 to 200mm lens would be outside anyway. But its drawbacks helped keep the price down. It still wasn't cheap, but it was cheaper than the 100/3.5 Canon FL and 200/4.5 Canon FL combined. And it gave you all of the focal lengths in between.

It was popular enough that it was carried over into the FD line-up, and even into the FD-N line in 1979.


December 1966

Filter Size



8 Elements in 5 Groups

Cap Size


Angle of View

24-12 Degrees



Minimum Aperture






List Price, May 1971


The 100-200/5.6 Canon FL, with case and box.

The 100-200/5.6 Canon FL, on a Canon FT.

This example has the EP logo, which indicates it was sold through the military Post Exchange (PX).

The built in lens shade.

The rear of the lens.