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Canon Tele-Coupler R

When Canon introduced the Canonflex, they needed to provide as many options to suppliment the megre selection of lenses they had to offer. One of the easiest ways to do this was to provide adapters for other lenses. There were lenses that were disigned to fit the Visoflex reflex housing offered by Leitz for the Leica, and a similar housing was available from Canon for their rangefinder camera and 200mm, sharing the same thread and film to flange distances.

It was only natural that they would provide atube to mount those lenses on their SLR. Nikon did a similar thing with their N-F tube and the Nikon F (their reflex housing lenses were bayonet mount instead of thread mount). And they even offered an L-F tube to mount the Leica thread mount Visoflex lenses on the F (and in very limited numbers built their reflex housing lenses in Viso thread mount).

Canon named their tube the Canon Tele-Coupler R. It was probably disconinued in about 1960 when the Canon Lens Sets were introduced. It is not listed in the 1963 dealer catalog. It had a filter holder which pulled out like a drawer, and had a rotating tripod mount.

The Canon Tele-Coupler R.

The Canonflex with a 400mm Leitz Telyt mounted via the Canon Tele-Coupler R.