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Canon 600/5.6 R

The 600/5.6 Canon R was introduced in January 1960. It focuses by means of the Bellows R. It appears that the only difference between this and the version for the rangefinder is that the rangefinder version uses the Intermediate Tube, and the Canonflex lenses use the Intermediate Tube R, which probably compensate for the differences between the thickness of a Canonflex body compared to a Canon 7 or 7s and the Mirror Box 2. The diaphragm is manual. It was constructed of two elements in one group, stopped down to f/32 and accepted 48mm filters via a holder in the rear section of the barrel. Minimum focus was just under 45 feet. It was supplied with a fitted metal case.

The price in March 1962 was $550.00.It should be noted that these lenses were carried in the Canon catalog through 1971, after the introduction of the FD system.

The 600/5.6 Canon mounted on a Bell & Howell/Canon RM.

The 600/5.6 Canon split into it's components with a Bell & Howell/Canon RM.

The 600/5.6 Canon mounted on a Bell & Howell/Canon RM inside the case.

Photos courtesy of Don Zeitz.