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Canon 58/1.2 Super Canomatic R

Canon claims this was the first f/1.2 lens for an SLR when it was released in February of 1962. Well Zunow had made a 1.2 for their Zunow in 1958 (although good luck finding when, then or now). Also, there was the 58/1.2 Taika Harigon for Exakta, but nobody seems clear on exactly when it was available. That being said, it was still quite the accomplishment to bring this lens to market as Nikon was unable to bring a 1.2 to market until 1967.

The lens is seven elements in five groups, stops down to f/16 and focuses to just under 24 inches. It uses 58mm filters. The price in March 1962 was $245.95.

This is the 87th example of this lens ever produced!