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Canon 50/1.8 Super Canomatic R

The 50/1.8 Super Canomatic R was the standard lens for the Canonflex system, and the most heavily produced. It was introduced with the camera in May of 1959. It had six elements in four groups, a minimum aperture setting of f/16 and could focus down to just under 24 inches. It takes 58mm filters and a 60mm clamp on shade. The price in March 1962 was $134.95

According to Canon's website, it was produced in three different models. The second version was released in August 1960, and was 10 grams heavier. In April 1963 a third version was released. I don't know what the differences are.

Two 50/1.8 Super Canomatic R lenses, the one on the right is a rare all black version for the black paint cameras. The lens on the right is the more common version.