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Alpa Reflex (Model I & II)

Basically, the Alpa Reflex Model I is the production version of the Bolca I/Vitaflex/Teleflex. The shutter is a cloth focal plane shutter with speeds from 1-1000. Again, they are a combination SLR with waist level finder, with separate rangefinder and viewfinder arraigned in the traditional horizontal design. The camera is knob wind, and the exposed metal surface of the body is bright chrome.

The same bayonet was used as on earlier models, but it seems that most if not all were issued with Angenieux lenses, either 50/1.8 or 50/2.9, both collapsible. A lever behind the shutter release lifts the mirror for storage. Production was 571 units. Due to a mistake, the serial number range is 120001- 120700, rather than 12,000. Another identifier is that the rangefinder coupler is at the top of the lens mount. Production lasted from 1944-46.

Alpa Reflex Model II is a refined version of the Alpa Reflex I, the main difference is the rangefinder coupling has been moved to the bottom of the lens mount. The rangefinder remains horizontally oriented. The shutter is still a knob wound cloth focal plane design with speeds from 1-1000. The finish on the exposed metal frame is still bright chrome.

The serial numbers are found in the 13000-15020 range, and 20000-25148 range. Production was 4570, with 519 having a two pin flash synchronization on the lower front of the camera, and 53 with special blue or brown lizard skin. The camera was produced from 1946-52.

The Alpa Reflex Model II.