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Alpa 9d and 9f

In 1965 Alpa reduced their product line down to just two models, the 9d and 9f.

The 9d was similar to the 6c, having a wind lever and a 90 degree prism finder. It also had a TTL CdS exposure meter. It was one of the first to SLRs have TTL metering, and the first with the cells in the prism. It has an unusual arrangement with a cell to measure light coming in through the lens, and another that subtracts the amount of light from the exposure that is coming in through the finder eyepiece, enabling accurate exposures even without having your eye at the eyepiece.

This was the most prolific model they built with 3710 units built, with 665 finished in black, 63 in green and 28 in red. A small number were built in half frame (18x24mm) and 17x22.5mm. The 9d was discontinued in 1969. Serial numbers ran from 46230-52399.

The 9f was introduced the same year, but was only in production until 1967. It was identical to the 9d, just lacking the exposure meter.

Serial numbers ran from 46201-46500. Only 157 examples were produced, of which 17 were finished in black.