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Alpa Alena/Alpa Reflex 6, 6a and 6b

The model 6 was fitted with a 45 degree prism finder, with a split image rangefinder focusing screen. The body is constructed of die cast aluminum that has been painted gray. It has a cloth focal plane shutter with speeds 1-1000, with knob wind, and is equipped with a self timer. It has an optical eyelevel viewfinder, but no rangefinder.

It was introduced in 1956 to replace the Model 5a. The name on the front of the finder was changed during the first year changed from Alpa Alena to Alpa Reflex. Production lasted until 1988, with a total of 2575 produced. Serial numbers fall in the 35650-39000 range.

The Model 6b is a Model 6 with the addition of lever wind. It was produced from 1959 until 1972, with a production of 1957 in gray, and 43 in black finish. Found in the 39601-42600 serial number range.

The Model 6c was the first Alpa to contain a built in exposure meter. The selenium meter displaced the eyelevel viewfinder, which became unnecessary as the prism became a 90 degree type. The 6c was introduced in 1960, and was continued until1967. Production was 3620 in gray, 418 in black, and 84 in green leather with black trim.