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Alpa Alena/Alpa Reflex 4, 4a and 4b

The Model 4 was built on an aluminum die cast frame that has been painted gray. It has a cloth focal plane shutter 1-1000 which is knob wind. The viewing system consists of a built in waist level reflex viewfinder, and a simple eye level finder without a rangefinder. Most likely it was targeted towards copystand, microscope and any other situations requiring waist level viewing.

The name on the front of the finder was changed from Alpa Alena to Alpa Reflex in 1956.Total production for both versions is 354 units. Serial numbers fall between 30004 and 39000. Produced from 1952 through 1971.

The Model 4a was produced concurrently with the Model 4. Like the Model 4, it was available marked both as Alena and Reflex. It is the same camera as the Model 4 with the addition of a self timer. It was apparently built in very small numbers.

In 1959 the Model 4b became available. It is the Model 4 with a lever wind instead of a knob wind. It was produced until 1989. And yet only 93 were built.