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Ihagee Vest Pocket Exakta A

Exakta A, second version, with 75/2.8 Tessar.

Introduced in 1933, the Exakta A was produced in five versions.

Version 1, 1933

First version has a slightly smaller thread size on the lens mount, 39.5mm, as opposed to a later 39.8. The thread pitch was different also. It can be identified by having a 22mm diameter wind knob, and lacking a shutter guard when the lens is collapsed.

Version 2, 1933

Lens mount diameter increased to 39.8, wind knob enlarged to 26mm. The shutter now will not fire unless the lens has been extended.

Version 3, 1934

The wind knob is now replaced with a lever advance. The infinity locking lever has been moved to the wind side of the camera.

Version 4, 1935

Vacublitz flash sockets added to the front of the camera.

Version 5, 1939

The top plates, front plate, and finder hood finished in matte chrome.