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50/3.5 Nikkor for Rangefinder

The 50/3.5 Nikkor is Nikon rangefinder mount.

When Nippon Kogaku introduced the Nikon camera, they wanted to offer as many lens choices as possible. They introduced two normal lenses, both of previous design. The 50/3.5 was the earlier of the two, appearing on the Original Canon in canon bayonet, then in Canon J, J-slop and Leica screwmount, before being offered in Nikon mount.

Only a handful of these lenses have turned up in Nikon mount, all in the 705xxxx serial number range. Many other blocks of numbers were used in other mounts, and most of the 705 block is also found in Leica mount.

The 50/3.5 Nikkor mounted on a Nikon M.

The same lens in the collapsed position.