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Super Nettel

A cross between the Contax, and the Super Ikonta series, the Super Nettel features a vertically running focal plane shutter with speeds of 1/5 to 1/1000. It is a 35mm camera that feaures the rangefinder design of the Super Ikonta series, a rotating wedge mounted on the corner of the lens standard. This camera is not too common, the expense and the lack of versatility (fixed lens) did not make up for the pocketability of the folding design. Produced in two models.

Super Nettel (536/24)

Super Nettel

This version is the most common, finished in black paint, usually with nickel knobs, but a few of the last ones had chrome. Available with Tessar lens, either 50/3.5 or 50/2.8, or with Triotar 50/3.5. Super Nettel is embossed on the leather covering the door. 1934-1937. $$$

Super Nettel II (537/24)

Super Nettel II

Super Nettel II, with the door closed.

Like the previous model, but this one was finished in the more modern chrome, including the front of the door, which is no longer leather covered. The Zeiss logo and the words "Super Nettel" are engraved on the door. Available with 50/2.8 Tessar only. Production limited to about 2000. 1936-38. $$$$

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