Pacific Rim Camera

Pages updated July 17, 2024.

Welcome to the Pacific Rim Camera home page. We are dealers in vintage and film cameras. "We" being the royal "we", as it is pretty much just me now.

I have downsized the operation from the days with a 3500 sq ft building and a bunch of employees, to basically working in about 1200sq ft. As a result I have been focusing our inventory mostly on collectible equipment. The website still includes the Reference Library (a large collection of photo instruction books and other literature which have been scanned into PDF formats to view, and download), the Photographica Pages (with articles about and photos of cameras, lenses, accessories and even original boxes). We also have a links section, with links to stories and articles posted by us (although many aren't written by us) and even links to other camera related sites.

And of course, the catalog.

I've made the catalog available in two formats, with thumbnails, or without images, so that it will load quickly, and should be accessable to the most people, with links to photos of almost every one of our multitude of thousands of items. Check back from time to time to see what is new.

Our reputation is one of our greatest assets. We would appreciate your feedback at Google Reviews of Pacific Rim Camera
. If you like our service, I hope you'll take a moment to share that with others here. If you don't, I certainly hope you'll let us know, and if we don't make it right, then you'll post that as well.

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