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This collection of pages will grow sporadically. I'm making these in my spare time. Between running a business that involves computers that gang up on me with problems, and having kids that, well, gang up on me with problems. I don't have all that much spare time.

You may find the selection here a bit eclectic. While you may doubt there's a method to my madness (although you'd easily believe there's a certain madness to my method), there is. I will tend to photograph rare items, as I fear another may not come along. So the common items you are interested in may get put off. Also, I have a box fetish. Whenever I get an item in it's original box, I am more inclined to photograph that. 

This site will be under construction, probably forever, or as long as we have a web site, or until I lose the use of my fingers. But I suppose that's true of any site that is not built by a professional. I don't pay myself by the hour. It's a flat rate monthly, so I can take advantage of myself. What a job. To think I dreamed of this...

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