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Vest Pocket Exakta

The Vest Pocket Exaktas are all relatively compact SLR cameras, for 3x4 on 127 film. They all have cloth, focal plane shutters, folding waist level finders, and all share the same basic shape, which evolved into the 35mm Exaktas. After 1935, all were fitted with two pin Vacublitz flash sych sockets. Except for the Exakta Junior, all have removable lenses. All have serial numbers on the focusing mount except the Night Exakta, which has its serial number on the focusing hood.

Some Vest Pocket Exaktas have Exakta spelled with a "c", as in Exacta. The reason for this is not known, however it is not terribly uncommon.

The Vest Pocket Exakta was available in five different models:

Exakta A

Early basic model lacking slow speeds and self timer.

Exakta B

Like the Exakta A, but with slow speeds and self timer.

Exakta C

The deluxe version, like the Exakta B, but with a special back that accepts plateholders.

Night Exakta

A special version of the vest Pocket Exakta, fitted with one of several special high speed lenses.

Exakta Junior

A stripped down version with fixed, lesser lenses, the only Vest Pocket Exakta model marked on the body.

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